Wednesday, November 7, 2012

You would not think that when you play girls' soccer...

That you could break a bone... your arm especially. Think about it... soccer is a no hands sport. A no arm sport with some refs. :) Plus it's a bunch of girls playing and we are the type of girls that scream during practice. :) But I always have to be the cool one and make it so no one can complain... so I broke my arm. We had an away game in Albany (more that 2 hours away). I should have known something was going to happen since I was starting the game (instead of being on the bench for the first 10 minutes) and we were actually doing pretty good. 
Anyways... less than 5 minutes into the second half of the game I got tripped. And while I was on the ground I got a ball to the face and the girl who tripped me kicked my wrist and stepped on it. On accident... but I do think that she should've understood that since my face was right in front of the ball that if she kicked it she could have been nice and chip it instead of kicking it hard and straight. But no hard feelings... anyways... my arm started hurting like heck and I started crying on the field. I couldn't move my wrist and it hurt. I went off the field and got checked out... after deciding it was sprained, I iced it and then went back on the field... stupid decision, but it was fun to do some extra pushing to the other girl... and the refs didn't call it. I think they felt bad. :) To sum it up... I had a horrible bus ride home (my parents weren't at the game) and my arm hurt really bad.
The next day we went to go get it checked out and I broke my radius and my ulna (two bones!). Just like Elise did two months before. I got a splint and then I got my cast on a few days later. And they recommended no soccer of any sports... and I ignored them. I played an amazing 5 weeks for the rest of my season. And I never fell on it. So... you can ignore them if you're good at planning your falls. :) But I did have to wear this really attractive cast protector... no pics. I got my cast off 5 weeks after I broke it, the day after our last soccer game. It all worked out soooo perfectly. :) Oh and green isn't the best cast color... unless you want to give up anything red or green in your closet.

{My beautiful green cast}
{And you can also swing with a cast... I actually fell on it after this picture :) }

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