Wednesday, November 7, 2012

You would not think that when you play girls' soccer...

That you could break a bone... your arm especially. Think about it... soccer is a no hands sport. A no arm sport with some refs. :) Plus it's a bunch of girls playing and we are the type of girls that scream during practice. :) But I always have to be the cool one and make it so no one can complain... so I broke my arm. We had an away game in Albany (more that 2 hours away). I should have known something was going to happen since I was starting the game (instead of being on the bench for the first 10 minutes) and we were actually doing pretty good. 
Anyways... less than 5 minutes into the second half of the game I got tripped. And while I was on the ground I got a ball to the face and the girl who tripped me kicked my wrist and stepped on it. On accident... but I do think that she should've understood that since my face was right in front of the ball that if she kicked it she could have been nice and chip it instead of kicking it hard and straight. But no hard feelings... anyways... my arm started hurting like heck and I started crying on the field. I couldn't move my wrist and it hurt. I went off the field and got checked out... after deciding it was sprained, I iced it and then went back on the field... stupid decision, but it was fun to do some extra pushing to the other girl... and the refs didn't call it. I think they felt bad. :) To sum it up... I had a horrible bus ride home (my parents weren't at the game) and my arm hurt really bad.
The next day we went to go get it checked out and I broke my radius and my ulna (two bones!). Just like Elise did two months before. I got a splint and then I got my cast on a few days later. And they recommended no soccer of any sports... and I ignored them. I played an amazing 5 weeks for the rest of my season. And I never fell on it. So... you can ignore them if you're good at planning your falls. :) But I did have to wear this really attractive cast protector... no pics. I got my cast off 5 weeks after I broke it, the day after our last soccer game. It all worked out soooo perfectly. :) Oh and green isn't the best cast color... unless you want to give up anything red or green in your closet.

{My beautiful green cast}
{And you can also swing with a cast... I actually fell on it after this picture :) }


Halloween has always kind of been a big holiday in my family. Elise and Hannah had their outfits planned for months... the rest of us, on the other hand are last minute sort of people. :) We had lots of bees this year and Grandma and Grandpa came down for Halloween. Also this year was the first year my dad has ever dressed up since my parents got married... cuz in our family being a Nike employee doesn't count. :)
{Audrey Hepburn-Chloe}
{Our bees-Grandma, Elise, Hannah, Oreo, and Grandpa the beekeeper}
{Our rag dolls-Mom and Lilly}
{Dad was Psy... you know... Gangnam Style?}
{Me and Dad}
{Han Gyeol our Native American}
So I kind of cheated on my costume this year... but you know... Go Viks! :) I think it was a valid costume because I still freezed and it was not something I was. :) Oh the benefits of having friends on the football team... and thank goodness their jersey turn in was later than soccer's. :) Oh.. and Emma was an amazing chaperone... running around in the rain with me. :) 
And you will get a picture of my AMAZING pumpkin. :)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

8 years...

{Me and Cheyenne 2002ish}
I've know Cheyenne all my life. I've known her since I was a baby. We were neighbors and best friends. We did dance together and I remember always asking my mom if I could go to her house. And then they moved from Vegas to Idaho when I was 5 or 6. I was so bummed... and honestly I don't remember any other Vegas friends besides Cheyenne. Then the next year we moved up to Oregon... we stopped in Idaho and said hi to Cheyenne. And I hadn't seen her since. We were pretty good at writing letters to each other. I have all our cute letters from when we were eight on. 
Then we went down to Utah last week. And on our way back we stopped in Idaho and I got to see Cheyenne for the first time in 8 years (saying that makes me feel old). We got to hang out at this beautiful canyon for a while. It was so much fun to see each other again!
{Cheyenne and I}

Isn't it beautiful!

{Chase, Me, Cheyenne and Autumn (us 4 were all buddies back then)}

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My new room :)

So... we got an exchange student from South Korea a few weeks ago. She's pretty amazing. But with her coming we had to change the "craft room" into a bedroom for her and me. First of all the "craft room" was not a craft room. It was more of a stuff we hadn't unpacked and stuff we didn't want to put away room. So it took us all summer to make no progress on it. And then a week before Han Gyeol was supposed to get here we started working like crazy on it. Typical me. :) It was really fun though when we got to start putting stuff together. We did lots of spray painting. Actually my mom did a lot a spray painting. I have a really good habit of messing it up. A lot. 
Then a few days before she came Hannah came over and helped me organize the whole entire thing. Which was what I really needed. Like my room would not have turned out how it did if it weren't for her. Her house is going to be pretty amazing in the future. :) Okay... now picture overload. :)
{My bed}
{One of my frames with my pictures... yes one is of my trek family... you will never see it close up}
{Han Gyeol's bed}
{Stole that frame from my mom's room}
{Our beds... we have a pretty nice view}
{Our mirror that I stole from the laundry room... you don't need to see yourself do laundry, right?}

Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Starfish Concert

So... we had a concert to benefit Starfish on the 17th. I was stressed out... like super stressed out. We had a pretty good turn out and Natalee and the Burkes were AMAZING! Natalee is an amazing pianist that composes all her music and she just came out with her first CD, Reflection (it's amazing). And the Burkes are amazing at the strings. Tara, the mom, is amazing and has taught her kids. The youngest one, who played the cello, is 11. Just saying. Wow.
Ever since I started my crazy obsession with Starfish I have wanted to do a fundraiser of some sort for them. I started planning quite a few. But none of them ended up happening. When I heard that Natalee wanted to do a benefit concert I was so excited. And watching that happen was a dream come true. I totally cried during the concert, especially at one song where Natalee had a slideshow of the Starfish babies playing during it. And then the last song where they sang. I mean seriously these people have talent. I can play the piano, but have no talent in singing. They have both.
I got to have a table with stuff from my Etsy shop (Sorry it's kind of neglected right now... I took off everything for the concert and forgot to put it back up) . I was able to raise $500 for my trip to Starfish next year. I don't know how much we actually made for Starfish yet, but I can't wait to figure out. The support I felt that night for me and for Starfish was amazing. And I just want to tell the Burkes and Natalee THANK YOU again for everything they did!
{Natalee and I}
{Me and the Burke sisters}
{Me and all the Burkes}

Sunday, August 12, 2012

My tent skills :)

At trek I know us girls, at least in my family, did a pretty good job proving that we had no tent skills. Well... I have proof from our gales creek trip that I can put one up by myself...

Taking it down though is a totally different story... :)

Camping at Gales Creek

My cousins, Sofia and Anthony, were here from Maryland. We had to do something fun with them so we went to Gales Creek. It ended up being like this whole big family reunion type of thing, except we were missing people. But we had lots of cousins together and it was a blast. There was some Pit and Skip-bo playing. I played Grandma again and beat her. I beat her the whole time in China BTW. :)
The campground was okay... they lacked a shower. And a real toilet. It was kind of like trek all over again except without the guys. :) But thanks to my amazing trek skills I washed my hair. In my trek bucket. And soon my mom and Chloe, who had both said not to bring shampoo because we wouldn't be able to wash our hair... they both used my hair washing stuff. :) 
{Grandma, Chloe, Maddy, Me, Sofia}
{Natalie and Lilly}
{Grandpa and Conner}
{everyone on a hike}
{my darling sister}
{Natalie's "chocolate milk"}
{playing skip-bo}
{and Grandma brought her uke}
{Anthony's s'more}